Knoxville, TN veterinary services – delivered with courtesy and respect!
What to expect during a sick or wellness visit with your pet to KAC:

Upon arrival you will be greeted warmly at the reception desk by one of our receptionists.

Once checked in, a Veterinary technician will weigh your pet, see you into an exam room, and gather basic information about your pet’s health.

The veterinarian will then meet you, talk about any concerns that you may have with your pet, and perform a thorough examination. Then you and your veterinarian will decide on the best treatment plan for your animal.

At this time, any diagnostic tests or treatments that need to be conducted will be performed by the veterinary staff.

After your animal has been thoroughly treated and your veterinary consultation completed, you will proceed to our check-out reception area for billing and future appointment bookings.

If your animal was hospitalized during your visit, you may call to check on your pet’s status or come by to visit during any of our regular business hours.

Thank you for choosing Karns Animal Clinic for all your pets wellness needs. We hope that you enjoyed your visit and the service that our staff provided. We are grateful for your patronage and look forward to a long standing relationship of serving you and your pets.