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Our caring and compassionate veterinary team!

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Karns Animal Clinic in Knoxville! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets. Please call us at 865-690-1282 to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members.

  • Dr.
    Frank Davis
    Owner/ Veterinarian

    Dr. Frank Davis grew up in Powell, TN. He graduated from UTCVM in 2003 and stayed in the area as a large animal veterinarian. In 2007, Dr. Frank along with his wife, Dr. Meg, bought Karns Animal Clinic, and he began doing more small animal medicine. In his free time Dr. Frank enjoys hunting, fishing, raising his Hereford cattle, and hiking with their family on their farm.

  • Dr.
    Meg Davis
    Owner/ Veterinarian

    Dr. Meg grew up in the Signal Mountain area of Chattanooga, TN. She came to Knoxville to attend UT, and graduated from the UT College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003. She now does most of the small animal surgeries along with helping to manage the clinic. When Dr. Meg isn’t working, she is spending time with her and Dr. Frank’s children, Avery and Wyatt. She also enjoys gardening, trail riding her horses, and hiking with the family.

  • Dr.
    Amanda Niethammer
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Amanda came to Knoxville from South Carolina to attend UT College of Veterinary Medicine. She graduated in 2015 and completed a year-long internship in Nashville before moving back to Knoxville. Dr. Amanda started with Karns Animal Clinic in the Summer of 2017. She lives with her husband and three dogs, Panda, Ace, and Macey. In her spare time she enjoys traveling and sports.

  • Dr.
    Leslie Carter
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Leslie came to us in 2014. She originally grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to Knoxville to attend UT College of Veterinary Medicine. In her time off Dr. Leslie is working to remodel her historic home and spend time with her husband, Brad, her dogs, Gus, Hank, and Reni, and her two cats Luna and Cutes.

  • Dr.
    Sam Sirota
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Sam grew up in upstate New York, but attended vet school in Australia. Once having completed his education, Dr. Sam practiced veterinary medicine for a few years in Illinois before moving to Knoxville in the summer of 2018 with his fiancé, Natasha. He now helps us with both our large and small animal patients. Outside of work, Dr. Sam enjoys hiking, fishing, watching football, and eating cookies. He and his fiancé have 6 Australian Shepherd mixes that they have rescued.

  • Dr.
    Brad Ervin
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Brad started working with us in January 2019. He graduated from the vet school at LMU, and enjoys working with both large and small animals. Dr. Brad enjoys camping, fishing, and hiking in his time off. He also likes to spend time with his wife, Elaine, and dogs, Henley and Biggie. We’re excited to have him, and think that our clients will enjoy working with him, too.

  • Dr.
    Nick Wright
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Wright is here part-time, and has plenty of experience under his belt. He is exceptionally good at calming nervous dogs, and you will often see him carrying small dogs around the clinic. He lives with his wife of 46 years, Brenda, and their cat, Jazz.

  • Emily H.
    Office Manager

    Emily started here as a child. She would play with the animals while her dad, Dr. Butler, saw patients. As time went on she progressed to working at the front desk and then management. When “Doc” passed away, Emily stayed on as Office Manager for Doctors Frank and Meg. With her two daughters grown, she dotes on her Frenchie, Bruno, instead.

  • Kristy
    Technician / Receptionist

    Kristy is one of our technicians who helps at the front desk as well. Having worked here for “Doc” Butler and then Doctors Frank And Meg, you’re sure to recognize her during a clinic visit. She has a sweet personality and is loved by all.  Kristy is a proud parent of two children, Tanner and Madison.

  • Brandi

    Brandi is one of our technicians. She is such a great addition to our team. She loves all animals and is willing to help everyone and learn everything. She has a great love for horses, and hopes to become a large animal veterinarian.

  • Ivey

    Ivey has been here since Fall 2017 as a technician. She is recently married and lives with her husband, Kyle, her dogs Patsy and Charlie and her cats Edgar the Sphynx and Triscuit. In her spare time, Ivey enjoys, going to Rod Runs and working on her new house.

  • Kalan

    Kalan came to us from California two years ago. His previous experience with large animals makes him a great asset to this practice. He plans to apply to UTCVM in the near future to become a large animal veterinarian.

  • Schuyler

    Schuyler’s family has been a client at our clinic for years. Schuyler started working here as a technician and patient caretaker several years ago because of her love for all types of animals. She is currently going to school to become a nurse when she’s not working.

  • Emilee C.

    Emilee grew up in Knoxville and is attending UT as an undergrad student in her time off work. She has plans to become a veterinarian and enjoys spending time with her cat, Taffee, and Malamute, Houdini. She also enjoys working out, kayaking, and crocheting.

  • Jessica

    Jessica started with us as a volunteer in 2012. She is currently in school at UT majoring in pre-veterinary medicine. In her time of from school, Jessica works at the clinic as a technician or receptionist. She also likes to volunteer at Young-Williams Animal Center and Zoo Knoxville in her free time.

  • Karen
    Lead Surgical Technician

    Karen is our lead surgical technician. Having worked at the clinic for 29 years, she has experience under the Davis’s and Dr. Butler. Karen and her two dogs and two cats live on a farm outside of Knoxville. She is often called the clinic “cat whisperer” because of her ability to calm nervous kitties.

  • Meredith
    Patient Caretaker

    Meredith came to us in May of 2018. She started at the front desk and has quickly learned how to take care of the patients in the hospital as well. You will likely see her at the front or learning to become a technician. She is currently attending Pellissippi. Meredith lives with her dog, Diesel, and cat, Kona. During time off, she enjoys hiking and crocheting, but not at the same time.

  • Puddin
    Office Supervisor

    Puddin (also known as Puh or Puds) is Frank’s Australian Shepherd. She is 3 years old and is related to “Doc” Butler’s Aussie bloodlines. You’ll always find her following Dr. Frank or riding in the truck on farm calls.

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